WMS teachers attending the MassCUE 2012 conference have created this blog for posting our take-aways.

The goal for the blog is to have all WMS teachers share teaching and learning best practices gleaned from any resource; conferences, articles, workshops, etc.

We suggest that posts follow this format:

  • A Catchy Title
  • A description of the learning opportunity (workshop, event, article, book, etc)
  • Three-Five bulleted take-aways
  • Label/tag your post for easy searching
  • Links for greater information. You may add important links related to the event's hand-outs, articles and more. (optional)
  • A photo of the event, book, experience or endeavor (optional)

There are many advantages to sharing in this way including the following:
  • No educator can go to all events, read every book or research each new idea on the horizon, however if we all share, we'll all benefit from the collective research and effort.
  • Writing is an essential life-long learning skill, and this blog will give every educator a platform to try their hand at writing for an audience.  Our audience includes colleagues near and far, the learning community and the community at large.
  • Participating in this blog will bring every educator into the tech-age and current communication venues.
  • We will get smarter, and our work with children will develop and grow.
  • This will count as "evidence" for the new teacher evaluation system.
  • This blog will serve as a one-stop shop for professional sharing.
  • This blog will help us to "flip" faculty meetings by giving a venue for professional share to read at your leisure and leaving the faculty meetings and other professional meetings for important conversation, discussion and debate. 
The first time you want to share, you will need to contact Bethann Monahan to gain writing permission.  After that, you'll be able to add a post whenever you're interested.  

Please contact Bethann Monahan if you have further ideas for this blog. 

Thanks to Beth Crozier and Maureen Devlin for sharing this text from HH's blog

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