Sunday, November 4, 2012

What Does it Mean to be Literate in the Age of Google?

This morning's keynote speaker at the New England Google Summit at Burlington High School was Dan Russell of Google.  This keynote was fantastic! I wish every teacher was in the audience, too.

His essential question for the day was "What does it mean to be literate in the age of Google?"

Here is the link to his slides, which don't do the session justice as Mr. Russell was brilliant in building the case for all of us to become expert searchers and researchers.  We must all become literate in informacy (like numeracy).  Over lunch (yes, we got to have lunch with him!) he said he plans to make a video of his talk to go with the slides. I will be sure to post it as soon as it is available.
For now, you can watch Mr. Russell present at Princeton University.  Note: there is an issue with background audio buzz but one can hear Mr. Russell.

Mr. Russell has created a MOOC course on Power Searching so he can reach hundreds of thousands of people, rather than just one auditorium at at time.  I recommend that you check it out.

Google also has resources to help build these vital skills. Try the Google A Day Challenges.

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