Sunday, November 4, 2012

New England Google Apps for Education Summit

This weekend was the New England Google Apps for Education Summit (or GAFE Summit) at Burlington High School.  It was 2 days of all things Google and although I would consider our schools to be within the range of full adoption, I soon learned that there is so much we have yet to do with these tools.  Here are a few of my take-aways...

  • ePortfolios with Google Docs and Sites -
    2 step process: 1) fill in google doc template with links to artifacts that are saved in a google folder 2) create a google site to link to and showcase the work.
    Use an ipod touch to document work and upload to G.Drive.
  • Google Doc Scripts -
    Grading quizzes with Google Forms and,,
  • Informacy (see post on Daniel Russell's Keynote presentation)
  • My Map Editor app to edit Google Earth maps on iPads
  • to add captions and edit videos.
  • Convert your voice dictation to text in google docs.
  •  What Do You Love?
  • So much we can do with Google Forms!
  • Teach kids and teachers Ctrl/Cmd-F!
  • td;lr means too long, didn't read [frown]
  • Meta Literacy - being literate about being literate. Must know how to find what we don't know.
  • The longer it takes to search, the less accurate you are.
  • 4 R's: Reading, 'Righting, 'Rithmetic, Research

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